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Miracles are what God does, Impossible is where He begins

Tomi Jarrell

We face impossible things everyday; much of our lives we are not willing to see past impossible and into the realm of a miracle.
Failing to get a vision for what could be, our focus remains on what is.  Seeing the world through natural eyes and hearing with natural ears, we have forgotten that upon a new birth we were made into new creations who come with a new set of eyes and ears - spiritual eyes and ears.   

And yet, when we are honest with ourselves, we would notice hearts longing for so much more than the reality we face. Our hearts burn to see into an invisible world watching God birth possible in the midst of the impossible!

'Miracles are to be contended for,' (Cindy Jacobs).  Miracles happen when we believe; they happen when we partner with the Holy Spirit and place our faith in the One who does exceedingly above the littleness of our requests.  Miracles happen when our faith becomes spiritual sight and we see beyond our understanding and look fully into the eyes of a Loving Father who longs to give good gifts all the while orchestrating miracles for His sons and daughters.
God longs to come up close and personal to our faith…He is the rewarder of those who believe He is and He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
Are you looking through the veil of reality into the realm of what can be? What miracle are you contending for? 
I am asking God for eyes to see Him in the midst of an impossible moment. I believe He is about ready to show His hand!
"You must look steadfastly through the visible, until the invisible opens up to you" - Amy Carmichael
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